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The project being developed in 2022-2025 aims to implement a novel educational methodology (NEM), and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based on molecular (atomic) learning into the existing educational (learning) processes in medical engineering. Several curriculums and courses will be affected by this methodology (which will be shown as project outputs). Beside NEM, another important output will be open e-platform (E-COOL) for collaboration and knowledge exchange, which will enable application of NEM, molecular network structure of knowledge triangle elements (business, innovation, HEI), enhancement of existing HEI curriculums and creation of new applicable.
The project targets students, teachers, researchers, medical engineering design and production engineers, research engineers, medical clinics staff.
Riga Technical University is contributing QA system of the project as well as teaching materials focusing on radiation therapy, characterization of materials and smart textile for medical applications.
The event touched on the fundamentals of speech physics.

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